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Guoguang Mu

Guoguang Mu, Chinese optic physicist (Hu Lu Dao, Liaoning Province 1931 – Tianjin 12 April 2012)

Authored about 100 papers

Introduced important concepts and technologies in pattern recognition, color image coding and decoding and color photography

Designed and developed novel optical instruments and their components such as white light optical image treatment system, optical correction lens used for screen coating of color TV kinescope, special optical corrector for color TV display tube, optical projection system of aerial defense warning radar signal, opto-electronic hybrid system of image encoding and decoding for new photographic reconnoiter and cone-axis deep-ellipsoid cold reflection mirror

Succeeded in using black and white film to refract color images (1983)

With X. Zhu, Y. Zhao, N. Zhang, Y. Liang & M. Wang introduced the fundamental principles of laser induced air ionization microscopy (LIAIM) and laser induced breakdown microscopy (LIBM) in Ultrashort pulse laser ionization microscopy. Proc. Spie 7276 (2008)


With Y. Liu & Y. Liang. Method for improving optical coherent tomographic imaging quality (2007)

With Z. Fang & F. Liu. Light emitting diode array railway signal device (2004)

With Z. Guo. Optical gradient filter for liquid crystal-emulsion (1993)

With Z. Fang & J. Wang. Technique of using black-white photography film for colour photography (1987)  

With Z. Wang, K. Wang & X. Wang. A new technique for pattern recognition using VFHF in white light lensless optical system. Proc. Spie 0813 (1987) 


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