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Gerhard Malnic

Gerhard Malnic, Austrian-born Brazilian renal physiologist (Milano 25 September 1933 –

From Slovenian father and Austrian mother  

Authored over 120 works

Discovered how occurs the potassium excretion in renal tubules 

With G. Giebisch & R. Klose developed an improved microflame photometer (1964) and perfected the method of performing micropuncture and microperfusion studies on the distal tubule, which elucidated the role of each nephron segment in determining urinary potassium excretion (1964-6)

With G. Giebisch demonstrated that potassium is secreted down its electrochemical gradiente and linked indirectly to the rate of sodium reabsorption

With G. Giebisch proposed that potassium was reabsorbed downstream of the distal tubule

Showed that when sodium reabsorption is stimulated the increase in potential difference enhanced the electrochemical driving force and stimulated potassium secretion

With G. Giebisch developed a method for sodium and potassium microdosage in kidney

With A. Carvalho da Silva developed a fluorometric method for tiamine (B1 vitamine)

With F. Lacaz Vieira authored a work about secretion mechanisms of water in kidney with more than 300 citations

The one researcher in the world to use microperfusion of potassium dosage employing microelectrodes  

First work employing micropuncture in the functional study of glomerulopathies 

With M.M. Machado & A.S. Rocha. Micropuncture study in rats with experimental glomerulo-nephrites. Kidney Intern. 3(1):14, 1973