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Gastão Galhardo Madeira

Gastão Galhardo Madeira, Brazilian aeronautical engineer (Ubatuba, São Paulo State 20 June 1869 – São Paulo 04 August 1942)

Discovered the principle that explained the suspension of birds bodies and their displacement due to removal of gravity center

Authored a complete study of his works in newspaper Correio Paulistano during January 1892  (days 6,8,9, 10,12,13,14,15,16,23,24 & 27)

PATENTS (obtained in Brazil, French, Germany, Italy, England and USA)

A new dirigible aerostat (1890)

Aviplane, a device to assert more equilibrium stability to airplanes(1911) with Hilário Freire

A new kind of airplane (1913)

A mechanism of movable pieces to assert of automatic stabilization of airplanes and analogues (1913) & PF475.066 (1914)

A Flight simulator PF 474.398 (1914)

Electric signs ruled by a revolving door. PF480.454 (1915)

Elevator control mechanism  of airplanes and other aerial devices. PF491.840 (1916)

A new kind of air screw for airplanes, sea-planes, dirigibles and other similar (1939)