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Francisco Javier Muñiz

Francisco Javier Thomas de la Concepción Muniz y Frutos, Argentine physician and naturalist (Monte Grande, Buenos Aires Province 21 December 1795 – Buenos Aires 08 April 1871)
Discovered the remains of Dasypus giganteus (1825) but didn’t publish it. D’Orbigny published the fossil species some years later (1838)
Described Smilodon bonaerensis (1845) and other new fossil species
Invented some pharmaceutical preparations
His studies on scarlet fever were presented by Charles Darwin in Royal Medical Body of Surgeons at London 


Genus Munyizia Kraglievich 1931 (Fossil Mammalia)
Honorary Member, Royal Jennerian Society  of London for his studies on human vaccines in order to treat cutaneous affections (1831)
Berzelius Medal (1861)

Named Vasa Order Knight, Sweden (1864)