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Euripedes Malavolta

Eurípedes Malavolta, Brazilian agricultural chemist and pedologist (Araraquara, São Paulo State  13 August 1926 – Piracicaba, São Paulo State 19 January 2008)
Authored about 553 works between papers, notes, books and book chapters
Internationally known for his studies on mineral nutrition of plants and agricultural plants fertilization 
Discovered that nitrate reductase is synthesis-induced by nitrate and molybdenum
With C.C. Delwiche showed the similarities between photosynthesis and chemosynthesis in nitrifying bacteria (1958-9)
Developed the concept of physiological economical critical level for foliar diagnosis 
With F. Pimentel Gomes. Foliar diagnosis in Brazil. Am. Inst.
Created concept of efficiency in nutrient utilization by plants 
With José P. Romero established concept of modular fertilization (1993)
Developed two fertilizers (Fosmag of Manah and Nitrosulfocalcio of Petrofertil)


Lifetime Achievement Award, International Fertilizer Industry Association (2005)