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Ernesto Macotela

Ernesto Macotela Ruiz, Mexican dermatologist (Ciudad de Mexico 26 January 1932 –


Concluded that Pytirosporum ovale acts by two distinct ways as pathogenic agent of skin

With R. López Martínez & A. Mejorada. Papel patogênico de Pytirosporum ovale en la dermatitis seborreica y pitiriasis versicolor. Gac. Med. Mex. 123(7-8):187-91, 1987

One of the first to describe cases of pigmented contact dermatitis by naphthol AS

With A. Ancona-Alayón, R. Escobar-Marquez, A. Gonzalez Mendoza, J. Bernal Tapia & J. Jurado Mendoza. Occupational pigmented contact dermatitis from Naphthol AS. Contact Dermatitis 2:129-34, 1976

Proposed the use of heparin for toxic epidermic necrolysis

With Javier Pizzuto. El síndrome de hipercoagulabilidad en la necrosis epidérmica toxica. Med. Cut. 5:607-16, 1970 


With J.M. Cantu, J. Sanchez Corona, R. Fragoso & D. Garcia Cruz. A “new” autosomal dominant genodermatosis characterized by hyperpigmented spots and palmoplantar hyperkeratosis. Clin. Genet. 14(3):165-8, 1978

With J.M. Cantu, J. Arías, M. Foncerada, A. Hernandez, G. Podoswa & I. Rostenberg. Syndrome of onychotrichodysplasia with chronic neutropenia in an infant from consanguineous parents. Birth Defects Orig. Art. Ser. XI (2):63-6, 1975

With J.M. Cantu, A. Hernandez, J. Larracilla & A. Trejo. A new X-linked recessive disorder with dwarfism, cerebral atrophy, and generalized keratosis follicularis. J. Pediat. 84:564, 1974