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Eloisa Biasotto Mano

Eloisa Biasotto Mano, Brazilian polymer chemist (Rio de Janeiro 24 October 1924 – Rio de Janeiro 08 June 2019)
Authored 218 papers, 17 books and 4 book chapters

With L.C.O. Cunha Lima. New color reaction for glycidic group including cellulose, its ethers and esters. Rev. Quim. Ind. 25(290):17-19, 1956

Ensaio rápido de identificação de borracha natural em vulcanizados. Rev. Assoc. Bras. Quim. 18(4):223-32, 1959

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With L.C.O.C. Lima. Rapid identification of cellulose esters and ethers using paper chromatography. Anal. Chem. 32:1772-3, 1960

With R.R. de Almeida. A convenient technique for determination of reactivity ratios. J. Polymer Science Part 1, 8:2713-6, 1970  

With G.F. de Moraes & L.C. Mendes. Novo método para a identificação de polietileno de baixa densidade.

With B.A. Luis & M.L.C. Mendes. Reação corada para identificação de polímeros estirênicos em artefatos de plásticos e de borracha (1994)

With F. Gustavo & M.L.C. Mendes. Novo método para a identificação de polietileno de baixa densidade, polietileno de alta densidade e polipropileno em artefatos plásticos (1997) 

With A.P. Barbosa & C.T. Andrade. Tannin-based resins modified to reduce wood adhesive brittleness. Forest Products J. 50(9), 2000 


With L.C.O. Cunha Lima & R.C. R. Nunes. Process for production of cellulose homogenous dispersions and its derivatives in elastomers PI7502614 (1975)

With L. Akcelrud. Process for production of manchões (reinforced repairs) addressed to recovery of rubber articles reinforced with overcast stitches and recovery process of these articles (1977)

With P. Lowenberg. Perfected process for reducing molecular weight of elastomers (1979)

With J.D. Paes & A. Vargas Jr. Process for separation of large spectrum adhesives and application of these adhesives

With E.E.C. Monteiro, M.G. Lachtermacher & E.A. Bugni. Obtaining process of methacrylic polymers in acid medium. PI8403893-4 B1 (1984)(1984)

With L.C.O. Cunha Lima. Process to removal fatty contaminants from water surfaces PI8600923-0 B1 (1986)(1986)   
With C. Bonelli & E. Pacheco. Imawood, a plastic matter alternative to wood (1993) 


Polymer Bulletin 34(5-6), 1995

Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1995)

International Award, Society of Polymer Science (1998)

Emeritus Member, American Chemical Society (1999)

International Award, Engineering Properties and Structures Division, Society of Plastic Engineers, Central Florida (2000)