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Braulio Moyano

Braulio Aurelio Moyano Arce, Argentine neuropathologist (Villa Mercedes, San Luis Province 21 August 1906 – Buenos Aires 07 July 1959)
Authored 22 works
Reported the presence of neurofibrillary tangles and plaques in the brain of patients diagnosed with Pick and Alzheimer diseases (1931)
His doctoral thesis La demencia senil y demencias preseniles (1932) gained international repercussion
Discovered that the first Pick dementia symptom is the loss of the inner language known as amnesic aphasia sign
Discovered the pathogeny of Argyll-Robertson sign due to demyelization of iris nervous fibers (1935) with Roque Orlando
Discovered the origin of upper via aberrans in frontal median zone

Located the function of brain cortical mantle
Demonstrated the proliferation of microgliae in malariotherapy

Described a new typical form of general progressive paralysis

With G. Bosch. Una nueva forma atipica de la Paralisis General Progresiva. Bol. Acad. Nac. Medic. (1941)

Introduced modifications to Weigert method in order to freeze the brain