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Augusto Severo Maranhão

Augusto Severo de Albuquerque Maranhão, Brazilian aeronaut (Macaíba, Rio Grande do Norte State 11 January 1864 - Paris 12 May 1902)
Conceived and patented Bartolomeu de Gusmão balloon in France (1893), when created dirigibility of semi-rigid balloons
Constructed dirigible Pax, praised for many specialists of field (1902). It was an improvement of anterior dirigible.

Placed traction line coincident to drag one to better control handling aircraft and first to place screw propeller at end axis of dirigibles 


A resistance turbo engine (1896)
Driving mechanism for balloons (1891 & 1899)
A rotative reversible machine for graphical imprinting
A direct circular engine (1901)