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Attilio Macchiavello

Attilio Macchiavello Varas, Chilean hygienist and epidemiologist (Antofagasta 07 December 1902 – Santiago de Chile 14 December 1996)

From Italian father


Authored over 200 papers (until 1962) 

With Richard Dresser. A modified method of obtaining large amounts of Rickettsia prowazeki by roentgen irradiation of rats. J. Exp. Med. 62(3): 297-304, 1935

Developed Macchiavello stain for Chlamydia and Rickettsia

Estudios sobre tifo exantemático. III. Un nuevo metodo para teñir Rickettsia. Rev. Chil. Hig. Med. Prev. 1:101-6, 1937 

Described murine pseudo plague with paralysis caused by Klebsiella muris 

Pseudo-peste murina con paralisis del tren posterior, nueva enfermedad epizootica de la rata causada por Klebsiella. Arch. Hig. Rio de Janeiro 12:69-92, 1942

Proposed intradermic auto hemotherapy for systemic bartonellosis

Posible Nuevo tratamento para la bartonelosis sistemica. Auto-hemoterapia intradérmica. Mecanismo fisio-patologico de la infección bartonelar. Rev. Ecuat. Hig. Med. Trop. 1(4):341-61, 1944

With A.B. Coutinho described adenomieloenterosis, a new viral cat disease (1944)

First to report bubonic plague control employing DDT

Identified cold inguinal bubo as pestis minor

Described pestous multiganglionic fever as a new syndrome 

Reported the first case of mixed infection by Pasteurella pestis & Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis 


First to show the lack of Vitamin E as the main responsible for murine rodents migration

First to indicate those murine rodents that are relatively refractory to bubonic plague are intersazonal reservoirs of that disease 

Described a great number of new bubonic plague reservoirs and vectors (1954)

Developed a new global rat-flea index (adopted by World Health Organization)

First to grow trachoma virus on eggs describing its life cycle before Chinese scientists (1944) 

First vital case of toxoplasmosis in a systematic manner in medical literature


Introduced the concept of sanimetry (1960s)