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Antonio Divino de Moura

Antonio Divino de Moura, Brazilian meteorologist (Ituitutaba, Minas Gerais State 21 October 1945 - 

His thesis Eigensolutions of the balance equations over a sphere (1975) was Rossby Award winner as the Best Thesis of Year in Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Proposed a mechanism for the occurrence of severe droughts over Northeastern Brazil by establishment of an anomalous thermally circulation in Atlantic Ocean

With J. Shukla. On the dynamics of droughts in Northeastern Brazil: observations, theory and numerical experiments with a general circulation model. J. Atmos. Sciences 38(12), 1981

With L. Sun, D.F. Moncunil, H. Li, F.D.A.D.S. Filho & S.E. Zebiak developed the first operational climate dynamical downscaling prediction system (2006)


Honorary Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society

IMO Prize 2018