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Adolfo Martínez Palomo

Adolfo Martínez Palomo, Mexican experimental pathologist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 March 1941
Son of physician Manuel Martínez Baez

Authored over 200 papers and 5 books  (about 5000 citations)

Respected as world authority in intercellular junctions in epithelia (1970s) and amebiasis


First to show clearly the relationship between specific granules of cardiac auricle and the regulation of arterial pressure

The fine structure of the heart muscle cells with special reference to specific granules. Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Master Thesis (1966)

Performed classical papers on adenovirus replication (1967-8)
Detailed the ultramicroscopic changes of cell cover and intercellular junctions and the surface of cancerous cells (1969-70)

Authored a classic paper on cell cover of normal and cancerous animal cells

The surface coats of animal cells. International Review of Cytology 29:29, 1970

Described transitional cells in dog heart

With J. Alanís & D. Benítez. Transitional cardiac cells of the conductive system of the dog heart. Distinguishing morphological and electrophysiological features. J. Cell Biology 47:1-17, 1970

First to demonstrate the existence of pathogenic and non-pathogenic Entamoeba sp.

Authored the important book  the Biology of Entamoeba histolytica (1982)

With H. Aréchiga & A. Huberman discovered neurodepressing hormone that regulates the excitability of nervous system in Crustacea (1977)

Described the apparent association between varicella zoster virus and multiple sclerosis

With J. Sotelo, G. Ordoñez, B. Pineda et al. Varicella zoster virus in progressive forms of multiple sclerosis. Clin. Neurol. Neurosurg. 112(8):653-7, 2010


International Award for Scientific Research, Karger Society (1967)

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