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Zoo Shik Lee

Zoo Shik Lee, South Korean microbiologist (fl.1956-1987)


With C.W. Kim. The mortality effect of insecticides to Bulimus striatulus. Korean J. Parasitol. 1(1):47-51, 1963

Studies on the fine structure in Chlorella cells with special reference to the pyrenoid and cell wall (1964)

Studies on the isolation and characterization of Bacteriophage of Bacillus subtilis var. 816. Korean Journal Microbiol. (1977)

With K.J. Ahn & W.J. Lee. Electron microscopical observation on the phage Bacillus subtilis SNU 816. Korean J. Electron Microscopy 12(1), 1982

With O.H. Lee. Susceptibility of Bacillus subtilis SNU 816 to bacteriophage SP 816 during growth and sporulation. Korean J. Microbiol. (1984)

With C.H. Kang, O.H. Lee & S.S. Byon. Effect of biochemical factors on the bacterial spore membrane for Bacillus subtilis SNU 816. Korean J. Appl. Microbiol. 12(2):131-7, 1984

With O.H. Lee. Effects of Characterization of Bacillus subtilis SNU 816 on the flat-barley fermentation. (1986)

Zooshikella Yi, Chang, Oh, Bae & Chun 2003 (Bacteria)