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Zohra Ben Lakhdar

Zohra Ben Lakhdar, Tunisian physicist (Salambo 12 March 1943 -

Developed advanced theoretical (ab-initio) and experimental spectroscopic methods to study the influence of pollutants on the quality of air, water and plants

With N.B. Nessib & Dimitrijivik.  Simple convergent formula for estimating Stark width of neutral atom lines (1991)

With M. Zhgal, R. Attia & E. Ben Yahyia. Development of a laser remote sensing system – LIDAR – for hydrocarbons horizontal profile measurements in the area of 1 km (1996)

With M. Zhgal, M. Saidi, R. Attia & A. Bouallegue. Etude et realisation d’un spectrometre tres haute resolution à diode laser pour la mesure de trace de gaz (1999)