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Yiyi Li

Yiyi Li, Chinese metallurgist (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 20 October 1933 –

Authored over 150 scientific publications


Important contributions in the diffusion and penetration behavior of hydrogen in metals, transformation of alloys under cryogenic and micro-gravity conditions

Designed the Fe-Mn-Al system phase diagram and the phase appraisal method

First to have experimentally observed the pole mechanism of stacking fault superimposition during martensitic nucleation and growth

Discovered that antiferromagnetic transformation exists in low temperature and in Fe-Mn alloy

Measured the comprehensive mechanical and physical properties of cryogenic steels between 42 K and 300 K

First to propose a technical route for high-pressure hydrogen charging in a hot gaseous environment


5 kinds of intensity level hydrogen resistance steel

9 series of steels

Novel materials (e.g. steels) for specific functions

High strength nonmagnetic stainless steels for use at ultra-low temperature on the superconducting magnet of controlled fusion reactors