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Xinyuan Li

Xinyuan Li, Chinese molecular biologist (Hengdong County, Hunan Province November 1927 –

Authored over 400 patients

Discovered many new functions of the interferon mediator 2’- 5’A and proved the existence of its receptor, being the first receptor of an oligoN found in the world literature

Discovered the analgesic effect of interleukin 2, found that it could bind to the opioid receptor being the first time to provide substantial data for the regulatory effect of an immune molecule on the function of nerve system

Discovered the ab-irritation of leukocyte amboceptors

Codiscovered a Super Interferon I (SIFN-I) with promising cancer therapeutic effects

Reported total synthesis of yeast Ala tRNA (1980)

Developed gene-virus therapy for cancer

Developed an enzymatic method to synthesize several oligoN with rare base

Held patents involving cytokines