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Tsung Dao Lee

Tsung Dao Lee, US/Chinese physicist (Shanghai, 24 November 1926-
Proved Lee-Yang theorem (1952)

With C.N. Yang created the concept of G parity (1955) and proposed the existence of W particle, the intermediate boson

Predicted with Yang the violation of parity conservation (1956) independent of studies made by Salam and Landau (1956)

Established with colleagues the field of non-topological solitons (1975)

Developed a new rapidly convergent iterative procedure to solve a class of Schrodinger equation with R. Friedberg and W.Q. Zhao (2008)


Nobel Physics Prize (1957)

Asteroid 3443 Leetsungdao


Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg theorem

Lee-Yang property

Lee model of Quantum Field Theory