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Rogério Cerqueira Leite

Rogério Cezar de Cerqueira Leite, Brazilian physicist (Santo Anastácio, São Paulo State 13 July 1931 –
Authored nearly 80 papers

Co-discovered thermal lens effect

With J.P. Gordon, R.S. Moore, J.R. Whinnery & S. Porto. Long transient effects in laser with insert liquid samples. J. Appl. Physics 36:3, 1965

Co-discovered resonance Raman effect

With S.P.S. Porto. Enhancement of the Raman cross section in Cdc  due to resonant Absorption. Physical Review Letters 17:538, 1966  
With S.P.S. Porto. A simple method for calibration on ruby laser output. Proc. IEEE 51, 1963
With C.A. Arguello & G.F. Mendes. A simple technique to suppress spurious luminescence in Raman spectroscopy. Appl. Optics 13:1731, 1974

Developed optical power limiter (1970)