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Roberto Landell de Moura

Roberto Landell de Moura, Brazilian father and inventor (Porto Alegre 21 January 1861 – Porto Alegre 30 June 1928)

From Scottish descent via maternal branch


Performed the first radio transmission in the world (1893), before Marconi (1895);

Performed voice transmission wireless before Fessenden (1900)

First in the world to transmit wireless telegraphy in continuous waves  

Proposed using short waves to augment transmissions range (1901)

Recognized the importance of voltaic arc for signs transmission of variable intensity

Discovered Kirlian effect (1907) e conceived the first apparatus able to record it  photographically


Patented the first photonic-electronic system in the world (1901)

Patented wireless telegraph (1902), wave transmitter (1903) and wireless telephone (1901) in United States 

A electromechanical microphone

Telegraphic loudspeaker


Caleophone, a kind of interphone   

Teletiton, a phonetical telegraphy apparatus

Auxitophone , a sonic telegraph employing musical notes  


Telephotorama, an apparatus to receive  and transmit images and texts to some distance



In his inventions and patents are included concepts as continuous waves transmission, triode and fiber optic principle


Landellian waves, waves produced by electrical vibratory motions playing a role similar to a metallic conductor in telegraphy and wireless telephone