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Ramon Godofredo Loyarte

Ramón Godofredo Loyarte Merino, Argentine physicist (Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos Province 08 November 1888 – Buenos Aires 30 May 1944)

Authored 40 works about magnetism and atomic spectroscopy

Developed an experimental method for hysteresis losses

With R. Gans. Uber drehende hysteresis. Arch. F. Elektr. 3(6):139-50, 1915

With R. Gans gave the first qualitative theoretical explanation about ferromagnetic resonance absorption in Ann. Physik 64(4):209, 1921

Showed that iron and nickel elements lost its magnetism the frequence of short Hertzian waves

Conjectured the existence of quantum states of atomic rotation (1927), refuted by Loedel Palumbo

Described a device for finding lines at ultraviolet light and discovered 60 new atomic emission lines

El espectro de emisión del mercúrio entre 1868 y 3000 A°. Contribuciones 5:109-20, 1927 

Proposed the 1, 4 volts addition and subtraction potential 

Sobre la existência del potencial de adición y subtracción 1,4 volt en el átomo de mercúrio (1928)

Uber das Vorkommen des Additions und Substraktions-Potentials 1,4 Volt im Quecksilberatom. Physik. Zeitschr. 31:929-39, 1930

Developed a method for detecting adultering herbs in preparations of maté  

With M.H. de Bose. Sobre los espectros de observación de soluciones de yerba mate, caona, canelón y ante. Contr. Est. Cien. Fis. Mat. Ser. Matem. Fis. 82:197, 1928

Showed the possibility of determining with safety the doping in horses employing spectroscopic analysis of saliva

With J. Placeres. Detection of alkaloids in animals by spectroscopic analysis of saliva (horse). Roentgen 1(7), 1938 

With J. Placeres. Descubrimiento de alcaloides en animals inyectados por examen espectroscópico de la saliva. Rev. Fac. Cien. Fisicomat. (1940)