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Ramón Latorre

Ramón Rogelio Latorre de la Cruz, Chilean biophysicist and cellular physiologist (Santiago 29 October 1941-


With spouse Cecilia Hidalgo measured the electric potential of jibia axons

With M.C. Hidalgo. Effect of temperature on resting potential in giant axons of squid. Nature 221 (962):219, 1969

Set the basis for understanding voltage-dependent conductances with single channel studies many years before patch clamping techniques

With G. Ehrenstein & H. lecar. Ion transport through excitability-inducing material (EIM) channels in lipid bilayer membranes. J. Gen. Physiol. 60:72, 1972 

First to demonstrate the existence of ion channels in muscle tissue independently of other researchers (1981)

Predicted that stimulus modifies the probability of open or close state of ion channels and not modifies their conductive capacity

Demonstrated the multi-ion nature of calcium-activated voltage dependent potassium channel

First described the protein random walk that coexists with ionic conductances gating, and the two state kinetic conditions determining the open and close state for such channels

Conceived an experimental methodology to isolate ionic channels

First to reconstitute a naturally occurring ionic channel into lipid bilayers

Discovered a set of ion channels displaying activation by cyclic AMP

With Spanish Miguel Valverde discovered that a modulatory beta subunit of the smooth muscle calcium and voltage-dependent potassium channel behaves as an estrogen receptor and first described the binding of etrogens to a calcium-activated ion channel

With Argentine Enrico Stefani & Mexican Ligia Toro established the relationship between structure and function of calcium-activated K channel   

Holds about 8,600 citations


Visiting Researcher, Physiology Department of Duke University (1973)

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences, Chicago University (1975)

Associate Professor, Medicine College of Harvard University (1977)

Elizabeth R. Cole (today Founders) Award, Biophysical Society of USA (1989)

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (1989)

Main Orator, Dies Accademicus, University of Ulm (1992)

Foreign Member, National Academy of Sciences, United States (1999)