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Mario Luxoro

Mario Fernando Luxoro Mariani, Chilean biophysicist and physiologist (Santiago 01 February 1926 – Santiago 26 December 2016)

From Italian descent

Some of the most relevant papers in the literature about membrane excitability were produced in his lab

Provided the first demonstration that proteins rather than lipids are involved in the flux of ions across the nerve plasma membrane, participating in the generation of the action potential

With Eduardo Rojas. Microinjection of trypsin into axons of squid. Nature 199:78-9, 1963

Recognized the dynamic state of intracellular calcium

With S. Rissetti. Calcium eflux in giant axons. Biochem. Biophys. Acta 135:368-70, 1967

With E. Yañez. Permeability of the giant axon of Dosidicus gigas to calcium ions. J. Gen. Physiol. 51 (part.2): 115-22, 1968

With E. Rojas proposed a model that allowed the calculation of the intracellular calcium concentration, the kinetic constants for calcium binding and release, and its membrane permeability

Other relevant papers

Observations in myelin structure: incisures and nodal regions. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 44;152-6, 1958

Incorporation of aminoacids labeled with carbon-14 in nerve proteins during activity and recovery. Nature 188;119-20, 1960

With I. Tasaki. Intracellular perfusion of Chilean giant squid axons. Science 145:1313-5, 1964

With I. Tasaki & R. Ruarte. Electrophysiological studies of Chilean squid axons under internal perfusion with sodium-rich media. Science 150:899-901, 1965