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Makund Behari Lal

Makund Behari Lal Sahab, Indian helminthologist and parasitologist (Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh State 31 January 1907 – Dayalbagh, Agra State 05 December 2002)

Authored over 100 research papers

First to demonstrate that the pungent smell of the stink gland secretion of millipeds is due to chlorine (1933)

Demonstrated a simple method for maintaining live Echinorhynchus truttae for several days using 1% solution of sodium chloride (1947)

Demonstrated in detail how the infection of the snail by trematode larvae affects the life of the host

With S.C. Shrivastava proved the non-chitinous nature of the scorpion epicuticle (1957)

Demonstrated the occurrence of haemoglobin in helminths (1959)

Showed that the vitelline gland in helminths produce a secretion comprising sclerotin

With G.N. Johri first to present a step by step sequence of shell formation in Fasciola indica (1967)

Papers in top journals

A new trematode metacercaria from the eyes of trout. Nature 171 (4342):130-1, 1953

With M.S. Kanungo. Invertase in Palamnaeus bengalensis. Science 117 (3029):57-8, 1953

With B.B. Saxena. Uricotelism in the common Indian apple-snail, Pila globosa (Swainson). Nature 170 (4337):1024, 1952

Occurrence of larval helminths in Gammarus pulex (L) from the Braid Burn, Edinburgh. Nature 169 (4305):752, 1952

With N.K. Chowdhury & K.Kishor. Purification of the anticoagulant principle obtained from the Indian cattle leech, Hirudinaria. Science 114 (2974):696-7, 1951

With N.K. Chowdhury. Anticioagulant activity of the Indian cattle leech. Nature 166 (4220):480, 1950

Acanthocephala of trout and Anthelmintics: behaviour in vitro. Nature 159 (4042):545-6, 1947



Chinhuta (1937)

Hindia (1936)

Klossinema 1968

Lieftinckana 1959

Naviformia 1936

Neoalaria 1939

Oswaldocruzia 1942

Psilorchis 1936 with Thapar

Receptocoelum 1939

Typhlophilus 1936


About 35


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