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Luis de la Fuente

Luis Mansueto de la Fuente Carrizo, Argentine cardiologist (La Rioja 29 July 1932 –

Authored over 400 scientific works


Proposed the cardiac catheterism in acute myocardial infarction or invasive coronariography (1970)

Showed the permeability of by-pass (1971)

Proposed the coronary sinus acting as a fifth heart cavity (2002)

With A. Barceló & S.H. Stertzer. Anatomic and histologic review of the coronary sinus. Int. J. Morphol. 22(4):331-8, 2004

With S. Stertzer named biointerventionist cardiology


With J.H.K. Vogel & L.D. Craddock. Una tecnica simple para detectar cortocircuitos arteriovenosos intracardíacos y para identificar las ondas P del eletrocardiogramas en las arritmias complexas. Rev. Arg. Cardiol. 31(7), 1964

Called attention to the standing-flexion position for auscultation of the heart

With A. Ravin & L.D. Craddock. The standing-flexion position for auscultation of the heart. J. Am. Med. Assoc. 192:60-1, 1965

With Dick Sanders performed the third partial angioplasty in the world (1965)

Classified angiographically the myocardial postinfarction angina

Performed the first angioplasty with drug-delivery stent published in Journal of  Invasive Cardiology (1999)

With Y. Honda, E. Grube, P.G. Yock, S.H. Stertzer & P.J. Fitzgerald. Novel drug-delivery stent: intravascular ultrasound observations from the first human experience with the QP2-eluting polymer stent system. Circulation 104:380-3, 2001

With Julio Argentieri performed the first stem cells myocardial implantation by transendocardiac approach (2004)

With Sergio Garrido and US bioengineer Todd McAllister first to implant neoartery or artificial artery (2005). Published in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet


With US cardiologist Abe Ravin developed a device that simulates the heart sounds and murmurs (1965)

Introduced improvements in stents (1986)

With Hugo Londero designed a catheter for carotid

Designed another catheter for cardiac left auricle


Medicine and Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (2005)