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Lucien Lison

Lucien Alphonse Joseph Lison, Belgian / Brazilian histochemist   (Trazegnies, Hainaut Province 13 March 1907 - 1979)
With J. Pasteels demonstrated the occurrence of DNA synthesis after mitosis and developed a new histophotometer (1950)
Established histochemistry as autonomous discipline distinguishing between simple staining techniques and cytochemical ones (1936)
Performed studies on enzymatic histochemistry and described a series of new methods for locating substances in tissue cuts 

With A.R. Cruz. Constance de la relation de croissance nucleocytoplasmique dans certains neurones pendant le development. C.R. Acad. Sci. 245:1838, 1959

Lison stain  

Alcian blue 8G with chlorantine fast red 5B. A technique for selective staining of mucopolysaccharides. Stain Technology 29:131-8, 1954

A method for graphical reconstruction  

Une method nouvelle de reconstruction graphique perspective. Bull. d’ Histol. Appl. 13:357, 1936

With J.F.C. Boodts. A new computerized method for the determination of the thermodynamic dissociation constant from experimental data. Z. Phys. Chemie 1972

Coined the term petrodentine (1941)



Lison-Dunn stain for demonstrating hemoglobin peroxidase

Steedman-Lison stain

Lison method for polysaccharide sulfate compounds (1935)

Lison method of zinc-leucos reaction

Appel-Lison method

Lison technique for glycogen

Ehrlich-Lison reaction

Lison reaction for acid phosphatase

Lison method of metachromatic staining

Lison method for ceroid

Lison-Dagnelie method  

Lison-Pinheiro reaction for indol (1960)

Lison reagent (for peroxidases)