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José Venâncio Pereira Leite

José Venâncio Pereira Leite, Brazilian physiologist (Cuiabá 11 March 1920 – São Paulo 26 December 1980)

Discovered that early newborn babies require low quantities of oxygen due to Bohr effect (higher quantities can be toxic) 

Described a new plethysmograph (1951)
With E.M. Tinoco. Early diagnosis and prognosis of shock by an original plethysmographic technique. Rev. Bras. Cir. 24(2):183-214, 1952

With C.E. Negreiros de Paiva. Artefato de estímulo. Uma técnica fácil de sua eliminação (1954)


Electrolytic method for preparation of pure oxygen for physiological purposes. Acta Physiol. Latinoam. 11(4):243, 1961

With R.F. Marseillan. Dourado eletrolítico de eletrodos para implantação permanente (1961)


A respiration calorimeter with automated determination


A digital isometric miograph (with C.E. Negreiros de Paiva) 1966


Equipment for manometry of biliary during surgery


Conductivity bridges and cells for electrical measurement of human serum and plasma  


A continuous current source for iontophoretic purposes (with J.R. Woiski)


A construction technique of chromatography columns


A technique of sealing metal in glass for manufacture of many kinds of electrode


Suppressing electrode for stimulus artifact

Developed a coulometric method of oxygen consumption measurement (1971) 

With L.C. Michelini & E.M. Krieger. A new electrolyte strain gauge to study changes in aortic caliber produced by hypertension. J. Hypert. Diseases, 1981

Developed a new process for recording the in vitro activity of vascular segments described in Diewirkung des digitoxins auf isolerte segmente menslicher saphena Nebenvenen   

A thermostatic chambre (with J.P. Brittes)

A photoelectric pletysmograph

A transistorized electric integrator for analyses of pressoceptors discharges 

A chamber for measuring the oxygen uptake by newborn babies (1972)