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José Leite Lopes

José Leite Lopes, Brazilian theoretical physicist (Recife 28 October 1918 – Rio de Janeiro 12 June 2006)


Published more than 80 works

Developed with Feynman a pseudoscalar theory of deuteron

With R.P. Feynman. Symposium on New Research Techniques in Physics p. 251, 1954.

Predicted existence of neutral vectorial boson (Zo boson), that mediates interactions in electromagnetic forces (1958)

Proposed that coupling constant of vectorial bosons with weak charged current would be equal to electromagnetic coupling constant  

A model  of the Universal Fermi interaction. Nuclear Physics 8:234-6, 1958.

First to compute induced pseudoscalar coupling in interaction between muons and light nuclei (1958)

Capture of negative muons by light nuclei. Physical Review 109:509, 1958

Performed the first computing related to beta decay of lambda hyperon (1958)

Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias 29:251, 1958.

Proposed that leptons are composed of a ½ spin sub particle 

Developed a new aspect of Hamilton variational principle


Fondements de la Physique Atomique (Hermann, 1967)

Lectures on Symmetries (Gordon & Breach, 1969)

Gauge Field Theories (Pergamon Press, 1981)

Theorie Relativiste de la Gravitation (Masson, 1993)

With B. Escoubes. Sources et Evolution de La Physique Quantique (Masson, 1995)



Visiting Professor, Faculté des Sciences de Orsay (1964-7)

Visiting Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (1969-70)

Honorary Professor, Université Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg (1970-86)

Emeritus Professor,  Université Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg (1986)