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João Garcia Leme

João Garcia Leme, Brazilian pharmacologist (Santa Rosa do Viterbo, São Paulo State 1936 – Guarujá, São Paulo State 08 November 2005)
Gained international recognition on inflammation pharmacology and physiopathology researches

Claimed chemical mediators in inflammatory reaction act sinergically  


Demonstrated that development of acute inflammatory reactions is under a retrograde regulated mechanism (1975)


Demonstrated occurrence of a pro-inflammatory factor in lymph cells (1975-6)


Characterized the lymphocytic pro-inflammatory factor


Demonstrated with colleagues insulin regulation role on the development of inflammatory process (1970s)


Discovered action of sensitive nerves in inflammatory response regulation (1978)

Described the first antagonists of bradykinin

Co-authored with M. Rocha e Silva & H. Rothschild Chemical Mediators of the acute inflammatory reaction edited by Pergamon Press in 1972 and worldwide used