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João de Azevedo Lage

João de Azevedo Lage, Brazilian orthopedic surgeon (Santos, São Paulo State 03 December 1920 – São Paulo 25 July 2001)


Lage angled plate for osteosynthesis of trochanterian fractures (1952)

Lage prosthesis for arthroplasty of coxofemoral articulation (1956), a curved shaft prosthesis with three-points support of which design presents a worldwide used principle

Lage-Napoli pedicled neotectum for treatment of hip luxation and dysplasia (1985)

An all-cement prosthesis  

With R. Godoy Moreira. A new surgical technique for intramedullary osteosynthesis of tibia in Osteosíntese intramedular de tibia. Nova técnica. (1956)

A new surgical technique for wrist arthrodesis

With Manlio L. Napoli a new kind of apparatus for femoral elongation and a new surgical technique for reconstruction of acetabular tectum of coxofemoral articulation

Perfected decalcified homologous bone graft method 

New prosthesis for hip arthroplasty (1986)