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Joaquín Luco

Joaquín Luco Valenzuela, Chilean neurophysiologist (Santiago 18 July 1913 – Cartagena, Valparaiso Region, San Antonio Province 19 July 2002)
Discovered that neurons are able to learn

Idealized a new perfusion system

Nuevo sistema de perfusion con la preparación cardiopulmonar. Algunos aspectos de la regulación de la glicemia. Thesis, 1936
With A. Rosenblueth demonstrated that during prolonged stimulation of a motor nerve, neuromuscular fatigue is followed by a rise of tension known as Rosenblueth phenomenon (1939) 
With A. Rosenblueth discovered fifth step in neuromuscular transmission 

Enunciated paradigm of short and large nerve

With C. Eyzaguirre. Fibrillation and hypersensitivity to Ach in denervated muscle: effect of length of degenerating nerve fibers. J. Neurophysiol. 18(1):65-73, 1955

Performed important studies on learning and memory in invertebrates (employing Blatta orientalis)

With L.C. Aranda. An electrical correlate to the process of learning. Experiments in Blatta orientalis. Nature 201:1330-1, 1964 
With L.C. Aranda. Reversibility of electrical correlate to process of learning. Nature 209:205-6, 1966

Proved that the motor nerve possesses inductive properties that defines the gene expression of relevant macromolecules to the neural function in the innervations element

With N.C. Inestrosa & B. Mendez. Acetylcholinesterase like that of skeletal muscle in smooth muscle reinnervated by a motor nerve. Nature 280(5722):504-6, 1979