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Jiaxi Lu

Jiaxi Lu, Chinese chemist (Xiamen, Fujian Province 26  October 1915 – 06 April 2001)
Produced a structural model for the active center of nitrogenase (1973)
Performed important contributions to chemical modeling of biological nitrogen fixation
With E.W. Hughes determined the structure of hydrogen peroxide
Put forward the polarizing factor for processing angle
Determined trichosanthin spatial structure and established a molecular model for ribose coactivation
First to successfully prepare highly concentrated radioactive halogens for quantitative research
Devised Lu’s diagram or map
Created Lp factor’s reciprocal in Weissenber angle of equi-inclination
Synthesized and characterized a number of cluster compounds of various types
Proposed the Unit Construction concept for rational synthesis of cluster compounds and the quasi-aromaticity concept for nuclear incomplete transition metal-clusters 

Headed the group that developed a series of new high-tech crystal material as BBO and LBO crystals