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Ho Wang Lee

Ho Wang Lee, South Korean microbiologist and epidemiologist (26 October 1928 –

With P.W. Lee developed a sensitive diagnostic test for clinical hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome using lung sections of infected mice (1976)

Identified (1976) and isolated (1978) the Hantaan virus, causative agent of Korean hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, being the first member of hantaviruses

With  P. W. Lee & K.M. Johnson. Isolation of the etiologic agent of Korean hemorrhagic fever. J. Infect. Dis. 137:298-308, 1978

Identified the Seoul virus

With L.J. Baek & K.M. Johnson. Isolation of Hantaan virus, the etiologic agent of Korean hemorrhagic fever, from wild urban rats. J. Infect. Dis. 146:638-44, 1982


Developed an effective vaccine against Korean hemorrhagic fever (1990s)


Prince Mahidol Award, Thailand  (1994)