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Gerald Cecil Lalor

Gerald Cecil Lalor, Jamaican physical-chemist (Kingston 15 December 1930 –


With S.L. Martin. Studies on haematoxylin and haematein, the colouring principles of logwood. I. Absorption spectra of pure compounds in various solvents and a spectrophotometric method of analysis for haematoxylin and haematein. J. Soc. Dyers Colour. 75 (11):513-7, 1959

Developed a method for measuring the absorption spectra of both compounds in aqueous solutions under conditions which minimize the risk of oxidation. 

With S.L. Martin. Studies on haematoxylin and haematein, the colouring principles of logwood. II. Behaviour in aqueous solutions at varying pH, and the pK values. J. Soc. Dyers Colour. 75:517-21, 1959

A reaction vessel for kinetic studies below room temperature. J. Chem. Ed. 40:597, 1963 


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Physico-chemical studies on haematein and haematoxylin (1956)

With J. Lang. The kinetics of the reaction between nitro-pentamminecobalt (in)perchlorate and the hydroxide ion