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Fuad Lechín

Fuad Lechín, Venezuelan neuropharmacologist (1928 –

Authored over 240 papers and 4 books

Developed a new treatment of bronchial asthma and myasthenia gravis

Demonstrated that drugs which enhances uptake by presynaptic serotonergic axons are potent anti-narcoleptic agents in patients resistant to methyl phenidate 

First to demonstrate the antidiarrheal effect of clonidine, dihydroergotamine, and other alpha adrenergic antagonists, as well as dopaminergic blocking agents


That patients affected by vertigo have raised levels of free serotonin in plasma

Two types of neurochemical disorders underlying hyperkinetic children (excessive free serotonin in plasma and excessive dopaminergic activity with noradrenergic over activity)

That patients displaying post-traumatic stress disorder show total exhaustion of central noradrenergic, dopaminergic and serotonergic activity

That symptomatic asthma patients show increased plasma serotonin values 


Medicine and Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (2001)

2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, International Biographic Centre (2000)

500 Leaders of Influence, American Biographical Institute (2000)