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Francisco Jeronymo Salles Lara

Francisco Jeronymo Salles Lara, Brazilian biochemist (São José dos Campos, São Paulo State 22 June 1925 – São Paulo State 07 September 2004)

Described a method to culture dipteran Rhynchosciara angelae

With H. Tamaki & C. Pavan. Laboratory culture of Rhynchosciara angelae. Amer. Natur. 99:189-91, 1965
With M.C. Okretic. A micromethod for the assay of poly(A) containing RNA by gel electrophoresis. Biochem. J. 151:575-80, 1975

Discovered that DNA puffs were responsible to messengers production

With M.C. Okretic & J.S. Penoni. Messenger-like RNA synthesis and DNA chromosomal puffs in the salivary glands of Rhynchosciara americana. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 178:158-65, 1977