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Fernando Latapí

José Diodoro Fernando Latapí Contreras, Mexican dermatologist (Ciudad de Mexico 11 October 1902 – 28 October 1989)

Authored over 300 papers

Proposed the term pintides for disseminated secondary lesions of pinta

With F. Leon Blanco. Las lesiones del principio del mal de pinto. Una nueva dermatosis. Rev. Mex. Medicina 20:315, 1940
Discovered a new disease called dyschromia en confetti caused by hydroquinones (1956)
First to employ successfully sulphones for treatment of mycetomas 
Coined terms like early and late syphilis and corticoderma
Modified Morgan scheme in syphilis
Rediscovered Lucio phenomenon or necrotizing erythema


diffuse leprosy of Lucio-Alvarado-Latapi

Latapi bib sign (in Lucio-Latapi leprosy)