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Fausto Walter de Lima

Fausto Walter de Lima, Brazilian radiochemist (Franca, São Paulo State 08 January 1920 – São Paulo 15 September 2007)

Proposed a formula relating Souders viscosity constant and parachor for hydrocarbons (1948)

A general relation among the various additive-constitutive physical properties. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 70:3141, 1948

Developed a method to obtaining uranium with pure nucleus (1961) with Alcidio Abrão; patented in 1968

Developed a method for the separation of rare-earths using ion exchange resins

With A. Abrão. Separation of bismuth from lead with (Ethylenediamine) tetraacetic acid. Application to Radiochemistry (1958)

With A. Abrão e C. Pagano. Recovery of cesium-137 from fission products in wastes of nuclear reactor installations (1959)  

With A. Abrão & R.R.Pieroni. Improved urinary excretion test for assay of vitamin B-12  tagged with cobalt-60. Anais Assoc. Bras. Quim. 18:167, 1959.

A versatile and inexpensive pippeting device for radioactive and other dangerous liquids (1960)

With C.M. Silva. A method for the determination of Sr/sup90/--Y/sup90/ by using EDTA and ion-exchangers-application to the determination of those radioisotopes in milk (1963)

With A. Abrão & L.T. Atalla. Production of carrier-free phosphorus-32 by using sulphates as material for irradiation

Founder, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Founder, Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters