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Fanghua Li

Fanghua Li, Chinese crystallographer and microscopist (Hong Kong 06 January 1932 – Beijing 24 January 2020)

Married to physicist Haifu Fan 

With Fuson Han & Haifu Fan proposed a new method to estimate the defocus from a single electron micrograph (1986)

A method of studying dislocation core structures by high-resolution electron microscopy. Sci. Techn. Advan. Materials 6(7):755-60, 2005

Proposed a new approach for measuring crystal defects with atomic resolution and the first report on the defect of atomic resolution at the interface of SiGe/Si epitaxial film

Discovered and reported the almost continuous transition process between quasicrystals and crystals besides propose a new method to determine the structure of quasicrystal

Determined the position of hydrogen atoms in the single crystal for the first time (1960s)

With Haifu Fan created a new image processing theory and technology in high-resolution electron microscopy (1970s)

Established an unwinding process technology based on the principle of maximum entropy

Exposed new experimental rules and developed a method for determining the position of light atoms

Proposed pseudo-weak phase object approximation, a new image contrast theory, clarifying the relationship between image intensity and crystal thickness for the first time (1980s)

First to observe lithium atom in crystals  


Practical image contrast theory and image deconvolution methods

New methods in high resolution electron microscopy

Image processing techniques for the structure and defect determination at atomic level for minute crystals

A new method to solve the inverse problem in high-resolution electron microscopy which eliminated the lens aberration distortion in the observation of crystalline structures