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Domingo Liotta

Domingo Santo Liotta Motta, US / Argentine cardiac surgeon (Diamante, Entre Rios Province 29 November 1924 -

Son of Italian immigrants 
Authored 150 works between papers and books
Invented hypotonic duodenography (1955)
With M.E. DeBakey & D.C. Cooley created left ventricular assist device (LVAD) systems in 1962
With E. Stanley Crawford performed the first clinical use of LVAD system (1963)
With D.A. Cooley developed the clinical total artificial heart (1969)
Developed two-stage ascending aorta-abdominal aorta-bypass graft to replace descending thoracic aorta (1977)    

Developed the first circulatory paracorporal pump




1- US Patent 4079468: Low profile gluteraldehyde-fixed porcine aortic prosthetic device

2- US Patent 4710192: Diaphragm and method for occlusion of the descending thoracic aorta

3- US Patent 4655772: Cardiac valvular prosthesis

4- US Patent 5156621: Stentless bioprosthetic cardiac valve

5- US Patent 5456715: Implantable bio-mechanical coupling of skeletal muscle and the mechanical system for assisting blood circulation. Implantable mechanical system.

6- US Patent 6945998: Corporal implantation device for assisting blood and heart ventricular circulation. Blood inflow to the implantable pump: The left atriotomy method.

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12- Patent of Argentina Nº AR232275: Mechanical heart valve

13- Patent of Argentina Nº AR235690: Expansible spring for partial or total vascular occlusion.

14- Patent of Argentina Nº AR234464: Fixed homologous and heterologous internal mammary artery to bypass coronary occlusive disease.

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16- Patent of Argentina Nº AR254898: Implantable mechanical circulatory system.

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19- Patent of Argentina Nº AR036548: Body implant device for blood circulatory assistance and ventricular heart

20- Patent of France Nº FR8005801: Support pour des valvules cardiaques de tissus biologiques

21- Patent of Spain Nº ES459136: Low-profile heterologous bio-prosthesis from aortic valve pig.

22- Patent of Spain Nº ES474382: Support for bio-heterologous aortic prosthesis in replacement of the aortic valve.