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Charles Pugsley Lounsbury

Charles Pugsley Lounsbury, US-born South African agricultural entomologist (Brooklyn, New York State 20 September 1872 – Pretoria 07 June 1955)

Built the first governamental fumigation chamber using hydrogen cyanide to sterilise imported plants in the world (1896)

Acquired an international reputation as an expert on ticks

Demonstrated that heartwater is transmitted by bont tick (Amblyomma hebraeum)

Tick-heartwater experiments. Agric. J. Cape of Good Hope 16:682-7, 1900

Demonstrated that malignant jaundice in dogs (biliary fever) is transmitted by the adult dog tick (Haemaphysalis leachii)

Transmission of malignant jaundice of the dog by a species of tick. Agric. J. 19:714-24, 1901

Demonstrated that East Coast Fever is transmitted by the brown tick, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (1903)

Ticks and African Coast Fever. Agric. J. 28:634-54, 1906

Showed that redwater (caused by Babesia bigemina) is transmitted by Boophilus decoloratus (1903)

With A. Theiler identified and described Theileria parva as causative agent of East Coast Fever (1904)

Proposed dipping with sodium arsenite for control of ticks and locusts

Described the hemipteran species Aspidoproctus maximus (1908)


Lounsburyia Compere & Annecke 1961 (Hymenoptera)

Lounsburyna Uvarov 1922 (Orthoptera)