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Cesar Lattes

Cesar Lattes, Brazilian physicist (Curitiba 11 July 1924 – Campinas, São Paulo State 08 March 2005)

His real name was Cesare Mansueto Giulio Lattes

Son of Jewish Italian immigrants

Discovered π meson with Powell and Occhialini (1947)

Obtained artificially π meson with Eugene Gardner (1948)

Measured π meson mass and disintegration with E. Gardner and Walter H. Barkas (1948)

With Alfredo Marques and Yoichi Fujimoto discovered a new series of events known as fireballs (1967), photographed them (1968) and determined its masses (1969) and differentiate them in 3 distinct forms: mirim (1963), açu (1967) and guaçu (1971)  

With Marques and Fujimoto identified and described non-pionic exotic hadronic productions Centauro (1973), Minicentauro (1977), Geminion (1978), Chiron (1981), clusters and others events involving high energies

With A. Marques & N. Amato discovered Andromeda interaction

With A. Marques & N. Amato discovered a scaling law, the increased pion multiplicity with the energy and increased mean transversal momentum with multiplicity (later confirmed by other physicists) 

With C.M.Q. Orsini, I.I.G. Pacca, M.T. Cruz, E. Okuno, Y. Fujimoto & K. Yokoi saw a new resonance with mass in fireballs type events (1963)

Discovered a new type of nuclear interaction with W. Rodrigues and Y. Fujimoto (1979)

Physics Nobel Prize nominee (1949, 1951, 1952, 1953 & 1954)