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Carlos da Silva Lacaz

Carlos da Silva Lacaz, Brazilian medical mycologist and historian of medicine (Guaratinguetá, São Paulo State 19 September 1915 – São Paulo 23 April 2002)
From French, Swiss and Italian descent

Authored about 500 scientific works

Performed researches in medical mycology and tropical pathology   
Characterized infection by paracoccidioidomycosis 
With S.A.P. Sampaio introduced amphotericin B treatment for paracoccidioidomycosis  (1958)
With Passos Filho demonstrated the existence of Blastomycosis-infection 

First to report sporotrichosis transmission from cat to man

With F. Almeida, S.A.P. Sampaio & J.C. Fernandes. Dados estatísticos sobre a esporotricose – análise de 344 casos. Na. Bras. Derm. Sifil. 1:9-12, 1955
Set down the general rules in isolating and identifying Actinomycetes

Orientação geral no isolamento e identificação dos Actinomicetos produtores de micetomas. Rev. Bras. Med. 3:442-4, 1946  



First to isolate Histoplasma capsulatum (1939)
Obtained antigen paracoccidiodin for skin test of South American blastomycosis (1941)
Described Geotrichum virulens (1940)
Developed Almeida-Silva Lacaz yeast sporulation médium
Nova técnica para demonstração rápida dos ascoporos. Folia Clin. Biol. 12(4), 1940


Techniques for determination of Rh blood group 

With H.C. Ferreira & O. Mellone. Um processo rápido e eficiente para a determinação do fator Rh. Rev. Bras. Med. 1(2):179-182, 1946 

With colleagues. Nossa experiência com o fator Rh. Dados estatísticos. Nova técnica de determinação do fator Rh. Rev. Paul. Med. 29:233, 1946  
Modified Gomori-Grocott method for studying Pneumocystis carinii (1973)

A new method for microculture of fungi

With E. Porto, N. Takahashi & E.M. Heins. Nuevo metodo para microcultivo de hongos. Rev. Arg. Micol. 4:24-9, 1981
With M.J. Mendes-Giannini, M.E. Camargo & A.W. Ferreira. Immunoenzymatic absorption test for serodiagnosis of paracoccidioidomycosis. J. Clin. Microbiol. 20(1):103-8, 1984


Rhoda Benham Medal, Medical Society of the Americas (1977)

Lucille K. Georg Award, International Society for Human and Medical Mycology (1988)

Genus Lacazia Taborda, Taborda & McGinnis 1999 (Fungi)