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Beppo Levi

Beppo Levi, Jewish Italian/Argentine mathematician (Torino 14 May 1875 – Rosario, Santa Fe Province 28 August 1961)


Published more than 150 mathematical papers

Proved monotone convergence theorem or Beppo Levi theorem (1906)

Introduced the concept of functions classes

Anticipated Ogg-Mazur conjecture by more than 60 years (1908)

Discovered that angular points number of a continuous function is numerable  

Proved Picard-Simart theorem

Invented a mathematical version of Berry antinomy

First to investigate the structure of torsion group


Beppo Levi lemma (1906)

Beppo Levi inequality (1906)

Beppo Levi spaces (integrable squares spaces)

Beppo Levi functions

Beppo Levi boundary condition

Beppo Levi semi-norm

Beppo Levi norm

Beppo Levi property

Beppo Levi approximation principle