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Antonio Correia de Lacerda

Antonio Correia de Lacerda, Portuguese / Brazilian physician and naturalist (Vila da Ponte, Montalegre Subdistrict, Portugal 1777 – São Luiz 21 July 1852)

Developed a process for peeling of cinnamon and bark’s expurgation

Collected, classified and described plant species in Flora Paraensis (1821-52) and Nova Genera Plantarum (1820s) that didn’t use the binomial nomenclature

Described more than 400 plant species with its medicinal effects and posology in Botanica Medica (1830s)

Authored Chemiologia Vegetal (1845-9) recording the effects of plant chemicals on chemical reagents, isolating active principles and describing the chemical composition of each solution 

Authored Zoologia paraense (1820-35) too


Member, Societé de Medicine de Marseille (1831)

Member, Munich Academy of Sciences (nominee by famous botanist Karl Friedrich Philipp Von Martius)


President of Government Junta that ruled Pará Province (12 March 1822 – 01 March 1823; 30 April 1824 – 02 May 1824)

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