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Alfredo Lanari Gil

Alfredo Lanari Gil, Argentine clinician (Mar del Plata 09 February 1910 – Buenos Aires 23 March 1985)
Authored over 150 works

Authored an influent chapter on pathological physiology of myasthenia gravis

With A.R. Goñi. Fisiopatologia de la myasthenia gravis. Medicina (Bs. Aires) 3:476, 1943

Obtained experimentally bronchiectasis by bronchial obstruction

With O. C. Croxatto. Pathogenesis of bronchiectasis: experimental study and anatomic findings. J. Thorac. Surg. 27(5):514-28, 1954

Lanari method for diagnosis of peripheral vascular affections employing acetylcholine intra-arterial injection