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Adolpho Lutz

Adolpho Lutz, Brazilian physician, parasitologist and naturalist (Rio de Janeiro 18 December 1855 – Rio de Janeiro 06 October 1940)
Son of Swiss immigrants
Authored 245 publications


Sylvan malaria and sylvan yellow fever (1903)
South American blastomycosis  or paracoccidioidomycosis or Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease (1908)
Infantile acrodynia  (1882-3; noticed in 1885)
Granulations in Hansen bacillus known as Lutz granulations (1886)
Water storing plants like Freycinetia sp. acted as habitat for small crustaceans and mollusks
The role of epiphytic Bromeliads as breeders of malaria transmitting mosquitoes


Proved that intake of Ascaris lumbricoides embryonated eggs as ascaridiasis cause independent from Grassi studies
Authored the first reports about pulmonary symptomatology in ascaridiasis
First described schizogonic cycle of hemogregarines in host lungs
Assigned the fleas as intermediate host of Dipylidium caninum (1887)
With Arning described juxtaarticular nodosities (1892) before Jeanselme (1912) know as Lutz-Jeanselme syndrome 

Described the coccoid forms of Hansen bacillus (with P.G. Unna) 
Clarified the life cycle of Dermatobia cyaniventris
Created the term enteritis to differentiate from dysentery (1891)  
With A. Splendore described sporotrichosis pathogeny, pathology and symptomatology and discovered the feasibility to growing Sporotrichium schenckii in vitro and the first reported case of animal infection by sporotrichosis in Sobre uma micose observada em homens e ratos. Rev. Med. S. Paulo 21:433-50, 1907 
First detailed reports about Schistosoma mansoni miracidium penetration in host mollusk (1917)
Introduced the thymol utilization in ancylostomiasis therapeutics
Proclaimed Sabouraud Agar medium employing tartaric acid 


Egg enrichment method of Schistosoma mansoni in human stools (1919), rediscovered as Hoffman-Pons-Janer method in 1934
A counting method for Ancylostoma sp. eggs (1885), adopted by Looss and Leichtenstern 
A device for keeping heated the microscope platinum in constant temperature  
A new method of enclosing and preserving small objects for microscopic examination (1920)  
A new suture method
A simple and practical method for treatment of empyema (1920)
An ingenious and simple process to transport blood
A loop suited to capture snakes (Lutz loop)

52 genera and many species in Diptera

7 genera in Trematoda  

5 new scorpion species with O. De Mello

Dozens of new parasite protozoan species

Genus Aplastodiscus 1950 and 38 valid species in Amphibia  


Only South American guest speaker in Bicentennial of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, US 
Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (1938)
Lutz method (spontaneous sedimentation method)

Lutziola Strand 1932 (Diptera)  

Lutzomiops Lane 1942 (Diptera)

Lutzomyia França 1927 (Diptera)  

Lutzsimulium d’Andretta & d’Andretta 1947 (Diptera)

Lutztrema Travassos 1941 (Trematoda)

Lutznema Lent & Freitas 1934 (Nematoda)

Protolutzia Cunha & Muniz 1925 (Protozoa)

Lepidolutzia Rego Barros 1956 (Lepidoptera)

Subgenus Lutzimicron Costa Lima 1960 (Hymenoptera)

Subgenus  Lutzia Theobald 1903 (Diptera)