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Adolpho Carlos Lindenberg

Adolpho Carlos Lindenberg, Brazilian dermatologist (Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro 12 September 1872 – São Paulo 06 December 1944)

Identified Leishmania brasiliensis as etiologic agent of American cutaneous leishmaniasis (1909); this species was sent to Gaspar Vianna that described it

L’Ulcere de Bauru ou le Bouton d’Orient au Bresil. Comm. Prelim. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot. 2:252-4, 1909

Described Nocardia brasiliensis, etiologic agent of exogenous actinomycetoma

Un nouveau mycetoma. Arch. Parasitol. 13:265-82, 1909
Studied the action mechanism of chaulmoogra oil in leprosy treatment (1920s)

Perfected methods for leprosy treatment