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Tsi'yu Kao

Tsi’yu Kao or Ch’ung-hsi Kao or Chongxi Gao, Chinese chemist (1901 – 1952)

A new method of ring closure in the cyclobutane series (1931)

The mechanism of the cleavage of diethyl-a, a’-dibromadipate by secondary amines. A new synthesis of cyclobutane derivatives. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 51(5):1536-9, 1929  


Wang-Kao-Sak reagent

Tung-Kao-Sah reagent for amines 

Kao-Chen reagent for copper

Kao-Fang-Sah reagent for amines

Kao-Tao-Sah reagent for aldehydes and ketones

Chang-Kao reagent