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Triloki Nath Khoshoo

Triloki Nath Khoshoo, Indian plant geneticist (Srinagar, Kashmir 07 April 1927 – 10 June 2002)

Authored over 250 research papers and 7 books on plant genetics, conservation and utilisation and management of natural resources 

Elucidated the role of polyploidy in speciation ob biosystenmatics of Sisymbrium irio complex

Biosystematics of the Sisymbrium irio complex. Nature 176:608, 1955

Elucidated the genetic system of gymnosperms

Polyploidy in gymnosperms. Evolution 13:24-39, 1959

Discovered an unique all-telocentric karyotype in the genus Welwitschia, for the first time in the plant kingdom

With M.R. Ahuja. The karyotype of Welwitschia mirabilis. Nature 193 (4813):356, 1962

Developed many basic concepts still valid today

First to delineate centres of diversity/origin of ornamental and subsidiary food plants such as bougainvilleas, amaranths, gladiolus and chrysanthemums

Standardised procedures for taxonomy of cultivated plants

Evolved over 30 cultivars of ornamental and subsidiary food plants

Perfected breeding methodology for F1 hybrid seed production of triploid marigolds

First to realise the importance of protein-rich grain amaranths with their carotene rich leaves

Other papers in Nature

With S.N. Sobti. Cytology of Indian species of Artemisia. Nature 181:853-4, 1958

Basic chromosome numbers in Silence and Saponaria. Nature 186 (4722):412-3, 1960