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Sethunathasarma Krishnaswami

Sethunathasarma Krishnaswami, Indian geochemist (Thiruvananthaspuram, Kerala State 21 May 1945 – 20 July 2015)

Developed innovative and powerful environmental radioactive and radiogenic isotope tracers

With H. Craig established 210 Pb-226 Ra radioactive disequilibrium in the deep sea

With K.K. Turekian developed U-Th series nuclide applications in aquatic systems

Established the accretion rate and growth history of ocean-floor ferromanganese nodules

Suggested and demonstrated the use of 210 Pb as a tracer to establish the chronology of lake and near-coastal sediments

Used cosmogenic 7 Be and bomb-produced 239 Pb 40 along to 210 Pb to assign ages to various layers in the sediment column

Documented that subsurface aqueous systems are best suited to study the reactivity of several important radioisotopes of U-Th decay series

Developed a special filter matrix for collection of small quantities of suspended matter from surface and deep waters to understand the role of particles in controlling the distribution of radionuclides and trace elements in the ocean

Showed that the concentration of radionuclides 210 Pb and 230 Th increases with depth on particles which enables the estimation of particle settling rates through the sea-water column

Showed that manganese nodules grow at different rates on the bottom side facing the sediments and on the top side exposed to sea water